GL-01 Walnut
GL-02 Mahogany
GL-03 Golden Pride
GL-04 Teak
GL-05 White Oak GL-06 Antique Oak
GL-07 Grey Oak GL-08 Smoked Oak GL-09 Natural Oak
GL-10 Original Oak
GL-11 Forest Oak
GL-12 Merbau

Wear Protection
Sound Reduction
Global Laminate wooden floors wear protection layer consist of 3 armed overlay and top layer of 45gsm melamine, for incredible wear resistance. It meets the standard for heavy commercial use also. This makes Global Floors the durable laminate floor. And that's why you get the best guarantee, when you buy a Global Floors.
Global Floors uses standard & best 2mm Acoustic Foam & 0.8mm moisture resist PVC polythene as underlay, it not only reduces sound but also protects the floor from any kind of bacteria due to moisture.
Water Resistance
Fire Resistance
Global Floors Double Moisture Resistance System is a combck joint has been impregnated to protect against moisture, this makes Gloination of one of the most moisture resistant core materials and the strong & tight clibal Floors water resistant. So you don't have to worry about occasional accidents like over-watered plants or a spilled drink.
Global Floors are made of material which does not support fire & have passed all the fire rating tests & owns all certificates according to European Norms for fire resistance.
Scratch Resistance
Easy Maintenance
Global Floors Surface also features an extra protective layer giving the best scratch resistance amongst the peers. This feature protects the floor from scratches and maintains the beauty of the floor, better than any other laminate floor.
Hard and durable surface of a Global Floors is tough on dirt and offers you low maintenance and effortless cleaning. And the tight construction of the click joints keeps dirt from finding its way into the joints.
Impact Resistance
Easy Installation
Global Laminate floor is a multi-layer build-up system which gives the highest impact resistance, meeting even the toughest requirements. This protects your floor from dropped objects and high-heeled shoes. Global Floors glue less click joints; make for a faster and more flexible installation. Thanks to its half moon arc type click, its so easy to install, just fold it down or tap it in horizontally and you'll be done in no time.
Product Name Global Floors "Natural wood veins series"
Product Code GL-01 toGL-12.
Dimensions (mm) 1215*195*8.3 mm
Support HDF
Process DPL
Acoustic Properties 68 Sone - laid on a 3mm sound block foam
EN 13329 abrasion & impact resistance IC2
Density kg/m.sq 7.6 kg/m.sq
Planks per box 8
QTY/Box 1.9sq.mts
EN438-2 Grade 4
EN 425 No change even on damage
EN ISO Blue Wool Scale Level-6
EN 20105 Grey Scale Level-4
DIN EN 13501-1 Cfl-s1
DIN 52612 0.059m.sq
Formaldehyde Emission E1
Under floor Heating Compatible Low temp, self regulating charge system
Warranty 15 years.