Thickness +5% 1.5 mm 2.00 mm 3.00 mm
Plank Size 6"x36" 6"x36" 6"x36"
Total Weight 3 Kg/m2 4Kg/m2 6 Kg/m2
Wear Layer Thickness 70 microns 300 microns 300 microns
Suitable for Residential Commercial Commercial
PUR - - -
Furniture Leg Effect   No Corrosion  
Castor Chair Effect   No Corrosion  
SlipResistancy   Good  

Installation :
Rosetta Vinyl Products are ideal for laying on any smooth, dry, hard and even surface including timber and concrete. However, care must be taken to ensure that the sub floor is completely free from any moisture, oil, grease, dirt, etc.

Suitable quality adhesive such as Fevicol SR 505 or Water based Adhesive Such as Fevicol VC 31 can also be used. Sufficient drying time must be given before walking on the newly installed floor.

The job of installation must only be carried out by a trained and
Maintenance :
It is important to place an entrance mat to trap outside dust from entering.
Any food spills must be immediately cleaned up with a non abrasive general cleaner.
Regular cleaning is advised with a dry vaccum cleaner or mopping. When mopping the floor with water, care must be taken to ensure that water does not seep in through the joints.
Since these flooring products are already coated with a UV protective layer dust retention will be at the minimal. Waxing is not required. Always